A Curiosity

My car license and registration were up for renewal. This state charges a license fee, plus a small amount for personal property tax. It amounted to approximately $109.

Something was different on the application form. There were designations for the type fuel used. My car is a traditional gasoline powered vehicle.

Plug-in hybrid vehicles and plug-in electric vehicles had a new, additional $200 fee. Why? Most likely because electric/partially electrified vehicles used less fuel, which resulted in less fuel tax revenue.  At the same time, this seemed purposed to discourage use of electrified vehicles.

Over the Next Hill

Since the beginning of time, humankind has wondered what was beyond the next hill.

That’s why our genetic makeup is so varied. That’s why some are surprised when they use popular sites, such as Ancestry.com and 23 and Me. You could have more German heritage, than your German citizen friend.

My step-daughters allegedly had a Native American great-grandmother on their biological father’s side of the family. His genetic report showed no such DNA evidence. This was a topic of conversation over the Holidays.

My wife, previously a skeptic, had her DNA checked and found a small percentage of Native American ancestry. My two grandsons have known Hispanic heritage. One of them had a much larger percentage, than the other.

What will my DNA reveal? Will it be different from that of my sister? Will the information conflict with what I was told growing up? My curiosity has been aroused.

Not Merely Idle Speculation

The only thing that changed more than the weather, was the way people changed their minds

Fair-weather walkers, joggers, vowed not to return till next spring.

Wild kingdom: A baby raccoon appeared outside the front window of the YMCA one morning. He ran back-and-forth in the shrubbery, desperate to escape from staff members.

Do you recall being distracted by birds, animals outside public school classroom windows? I confess, to being easily distracted.

My two dogs and myself nearly stepped on a large water moccasin, early one morning. It was still dark and the temperature was in the low 40’s.

It seemed to me, growing up in a rural farming community, that form always took a back seat to function when it came to home repairs–especially external ones.

Have you experienced the sensation while waiting for a train, at night, that your car was moving forward, or sideways? You’re temporarily hypnotized–foot firmly planted on the brake pedal. Or when driving late at night, the sensation, that the road disappeared over the next hill?

Scientific terminology for these sensations escapes me at the moment. I attributed these things to driving while fatigued.

Junque Extraordinaire

I know, four years later, this picture was of Mr. Sherman’s collection of curiosities.  It’s a head-turner, every time I pass by.


It takes a
Sense of humor
Some craziness
More, than a
Smidgen, of

Marching, to
A different
Drummer, to
See hidden
Beauty, treasure
Mementos, under
The surface

The whatnots
Beneath, the
Lies, the


From the Ashes

Formerly know as Blue Collar Country, the development consortium couldn’t pull the string.  The property sat idle, while weeds grew for several years.  Which was just as well, because, something bigger and better came along.

From the ashes came OWA, a family recreational complex going up in front of my eyes.  OWA, is a Native American word meaning “big water.”  The big water is a 14 acre lake in the center of the development with bridges leading to main attractions.

Sponsored by the Poarch Creek band of Creek Nation, Phase I of the complex is scheduled to open on or before Memorial Day.  Seven days a week, weather permitting, work goes on.  Some of the rides–which will total 21, can already be seen.



Modern Suburban Fable #5

Bent over grannies with bloomers

Woodsmen that chopped

Wood, with the wind

Concrete frogs, lizards with bright painted spots

Colored rocks, fake boat docks

Red birds, blue birds, and one strange

Bird–that looked a lot like a buzzard

Front lawn props that outdid Disney’s Small World

It was rumored there were still more to come

Pieces of the past–flags, patriotic streamers

An old man’s memories of good times

That should have lasted longer

Begged to be understood