Embracing Ambivalence

Sometimes on my PC and laptop–something will start; something will go away; something I want to start, will fail to start.

Love sometimes fades, instead of growing.

Change comes before you know it.

Not feeling well,  but don’t show it.

I’ve got tunnel vision again.  At least, that’s the version I’m currently running.

Let’s get cracking–before I’m tripped up by my own two feet.  Like a hog on ice skates–not that I’ve ever seen a hog on ice skates.

My ice maker is hard-pressed to keep up this summer.  I need some hard-working words,  to work hard for me.  What is there to choose from?  …Happy Hippies–Yippee! …Cartoon cats?  …Words that rhymed with snivel?  There’s drivel and swivel.  Dull would fit right in there, somewhere.



The Sheepshank Deduction

Writer’s block stalked on big, flat feet

Word clearinghouse, barren, stone cold

Mediocrity attacked, anything written

Conserved word resources–a poor excuse

Oh, the places words wouldn’t go

The places words wouldn’t see today

Subterfuge–came calling

A murder plot brewed

Behind imprisoned walls



All Things Reconsidered

Coffee’s gone cold

My words, old and stale

Another Saturday

Nothing funny to say

That’s about write

Another long journey lies ahead

Should be used to it by now

Everyday is an unknown journey

From familiar to the unfamiliar

Lives lived, the same dreams, dreamed

Windows opened–air refreshed

All things reconsidered

Save your breath

You might need it later