They’re Only Game Shows

NBC has a new prime-time game show that requires players to agree on controversial topics.  “Divided,” which I assumed was short for “divide and conquer,” intended to capitalize on opinionated contestants–regarding current social, political, and cultural issues–without coming to blows.

I’ve only seen bits and pieces.  On one episode, a player deliberately refused to agree with the majority because there’d been an attempt to vote him out–their winnings disappeared.  I found the show to be a frustrating display of group dysfunctionality.

Game show popularity ebbs and flows.  Stalwarts, Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, and The Price Is Right are still around.  ABC’s “Game Night” found success with updated versions of To Tell the Truth, Pyramid, and The Match Game.

NBC’s offered “The Wall,”  a sort of “Plinko” on steroids–a vertical peg board of dizzying heights, from which chips are dropped.  Like Deal Or No Deal, potential prize amounts are staggering.  Points are given and taken away with equal frequency.

My escape is watching the Wheel with Pat and Vanna every evening at 6:30.  They need to re-check my address.  I know I should have won the $5,000 giveaway by now.

Game shows allow a 30 minute break from reality.  I prefer them to current local news.  Splattered across local televisions screens–two fugitives remained at large.  They’ve murdered three, wounded one in their latest crime spree.–


Day Before the Day Before

A nice breakfast started the day.  Then off to the grocery mega-mart.

It wasn’t long until I lost my job as shopping cart driver.  Where I currently reside they’re called “buggies” and not shopping carts.  While staying in the upper Midwest do “as the Romans do.”

My spouse wasn’t aware of it, she piloted the cart in circles, instead of straight lines.  The shortest distance between two points was a straight line.  All in the name of efficiency.  Why should I care?  I’m retired, have nowhere else to go, nothing to do.

Shopping’s done.  Cooking will be done by the experts.  I’m the official turkey carver.  That’s the view from here–the day before, the day before Thanksgiving.

Window Seat Project

This is the finished rollaway bay window seat–before staining and varnishing.

There’s considerable satisfaction in seeing the finished product.  A house warming gift for my daughter’s new place.

Thanks to my brother-in-law, Paul, and others who allowed me to borrow tools; gave good advice and moral support.

On to finishing touches, before the bench is parked in the bay window, just off the kitchen.

My daughter plans to custom fit top seat cushions.