Kill Switch

Emergencies only!

Shouted out, in

Bold, black script

Finality, condensed

Without, nagging complexity

No ethical considerations

Either, On, or off

In one fluid motion

For better or worse

All sales were final


Talk Is Cheap (Caring Is Expensive)

Re-blog from September 2013 about confidence, betrayal, self-doubt.


Daylight faded early
With the onset of winter
Self-doubts from deepest
Recesses of the mind, crept
In, under cover of darkness

The only light, came from
A night stand alarm clock
Self-absorption, imploded
Like slow-motion destruction
Of a high-rise building

Meanwhile, miscreants
With cast-iron souls
Shamelessly, self-promoted
Headed over the falls
In leaky boats

Blindsided by fear
He died a little each day
The smile façade
Concealed a grimace
Talk was cheap
Caring was expensive

Dear Occupant

Step away

From the nostalgia posts

And no one will get hurt!

Said my conscience

Try something different

Dear Occupant

Was as personal

As this conversation

With my conscience

Was going to get

Arguing with one’s conscience

Never worked before

If I were lucky, a truce

Would be worked out

Those were pitiful

Attempts at humor

Remember humor?

What about just a few more

Slipped in–now and then?

Don’t overdo it!

Here’s what always works

What always worked?

What was sure fire?

Self-deprecating humor

That’s what

Knowing you

You’ll probably

Overdo that, too


Cast of Millions


Went to the polls

This morning

Hoped to be

On the winning side



Was It Worth It?

To give up

Innate good sense

Not do right things

Because of losing

A friend or two

Darkness became light

Truth became lies

Ears didn’t hear

Eyes couldn’t see

Pangs of conscience

Withered away




Peace of mind

Left far behind

Bits of the past

Childhood innocence

Crushed underfoot

Where things weren’t

Always what they seemed

Upended in innocuous rows

Revealed, without telling

Too much about the past

Some things

Left to grow

Among weeds–of

Insidious insincerity