Arise–Fellow Incompetents!

While away last week, driving at night, a car pulled alongside. “Your taillights aren’t working. The brake and turn signals were OK.”

Return trip delayed one day, and an unexpected trip to the auto repair shop. Everything covered by warranty.

As was often the case, no problems were found at the auto shop. The service advisor and myself concluded, that an automatic light control switch had been inadvertently turned off.

Who/what was to blame? Speculation would be pointless. There’s enough incompetence to go around.

After this post-Thanksgiving verbal meandering, I would offer the following words of advice.

When visiting grandma and grandpa’s house, please return electronic devices to their original settings–that includes automobiles.  Thanks in advance for your cooperation.


The Blastmaster 200 had been a friend for decades.  Practically the same to install, repair, and use–what I liked about it wasn’t listed on the box in bold typeface; Blastmaster 200–Idiot-Proof, Indestructible!

In its place, was the New, Improved Blastmaster 250!–with water usage monitor, and leak detection technology.

The Perky 1000, a new player in the flush valve game, was on the shelf above.  It was brightly colored–not basic black, sleek with rounded corners.  it also had enhanced capabilities.  I got the feeling, my Blastmaster 200, was forced to change with the times.

Was this change necessary?  There’s not much to a toilet tank.  Water flows in and water flows out–regulated by the valve and flapper.  Over the span of time, parts wear out.

Blastmaster 250 installation was the same–except for the strange appendage below the float.  And the second chain–attached to the flush lever.  I never liked strange appendages.  Imagine how frightening it would be to wake up with two new auxiliary arms.

The manufacturer muddied the waters with unclear instructions as to how the appendage worked.  Through trial-and-error the answer came clear.  it seemed unnecessarily complicated.

Maybe it was time to switch to the more modern Perky 1000?  It was only a dollar more.

I may wax nostalgic over the trickling water feature previously found in my toilet tank.  But, then again, I think not!