Rain and Labor Day Mondays

This Labor Day weekend has been a rainy one.

Because of the rain, oppressive heat has temporarily disappeared along with the sun.

The parade of beachgoers that cut their vacations short, clog the highways.

It’s been an opportunity to get rid of some inside clutter.  What good were pieces and parts of old solar yard lights?  After four-plus years, there was no guarantee they’d ever work–even with new batteries.


–Image, Pat Peterson, http://www.wkrg.com/ 

A Soggy Saturday

My WP account was blocked last night and today.

It’s  going to be a soggy Easter weekend.

The rain has begun.  No outside activities today.

Spring began on a wet note.

Maybe some of the irritating pollen will wash down the drain?

Two years ago our sun room flooded.  Extreme rains are a concern.

This time I’ve secured a bilge pump.  Arrgh! anything happens mateys–I’m going down fightin’ with me ship.

For you high and dry landlubbers–Happy Easter!