Waiting For Michael

Just when you couldn’t stand any more tropical weather systems, along came Michael.

Expected to become a Cat 3 hurricane before landfall. So far, I’m projected to be outside the Western edge of the cone.

Be vigilant, and respond accordingly, seems to be the normal course of action. Uncertainty is always the worst part. Nature has been known to pull last-minute surprises.

As of this posting, no plans to evacuate. Lawn chairs, barbecue grills, loose, lawn items will be stored away.

After Michael blows through, it’s supposed to finally be fall. I could use some fall weather and cooler nights.  All those affected, stay safe!

Not Merely Idle Speculation

The only thing that changed more than the weather, was the way people changed their minds

Fair-weather walkers, joggers, vowed not to return till next spring.

Wild kingdom: A baby raccoon appeared outside the front window of the YMCA one morning. He ran back-and-forth in the shrubbery, desperate to escape from staff members.

Do you recall being distracted by birds, animals outside public school classroom windows? I confess, to being easily distracted.

My two dogs and myself nearly stepped on a large water moccasin, early one morning. It was still dark and the temperature was in the low 40’s.

It seemed to me, growing up in a rural farming community, that form always took a back seat to function when it came to home repairs–especially external ones.

Have you experienced the sensation while waiting for a train, at night, that your car was moving forward, or sideways? You’re temporarily hypnotized–foot firmly planted on the brake pedal. Or when driving late at night, the sensation, that the road disappeared over the next hill?

Scientific terminology for these sensations escapes me at the moment. I attributed these things to driving while fatigued.

Why Did the Turtle Cross the Road?

A painted, box turtle just like this one crossed the road in front of me recently.  Not the same one–this was written exactly two years ago.  


To get to the other side–of course
That–and because it’s springtime
the mating season arrived
With a sudden hormone rush
Driving creatures crazy
Like some human counterparts
Days grow longer and warmer
So be kind–keep pets away
Watch nesting areas
While on the beach
Help turtles when you can

Onward March

What’s left to celebrate?  Mother Nature is giving it her best with snow and ice.  Grocery store shelves are bare as shoppers stock up on essentials–eggs, bread, milk.  And what’s up with buying snow shovels with each new storm?  Do people throw them away afterward?

In the Deep South mass hysteria prevails.  What if it snows here?  Were those snowflakes?  “Relax–those were only heavy raindrops.”

Holiday merchandise has been cleared away at retail outlets across the country.  Valentines Day is the next retailing opportunity.

In this part of the country, it’s not straight to Valentines Day.  Mardi Gras comes next.  Valentines Day plays second fiddle.  This is all we’ll hear about from now until Fat Tuesday.  Mardi Gras merchandise is displayed everywhere.  Let’s hear it for the magenta, green, and gold.

Of course to locals, New Orleans is the elephant in the room.  It takes credit for the celebration.  And, no doubt, their celebration is noisier and larger.  Mobile is where the Mardi Gras celebration started.  Mobile’s celebration prides itself on being family orientated.

Parades, parades, and more parades.  “Throw me some beads. Throw me some beads!”  Some use modified fishing nets to catch beads.  Adults that steal trinkets from children, in my opinion, are lowlifes.

The Committee Has Spoken

A more loose-knit committee has heretofore never been seen.  Building a piece of furniture, with tools and volunteer craft persons 800 miles from the comfort of my workshop, is proving to be a challenge.  Not impossible, but quite unwieldy.

Yesterday afternoon, most of the committee members met in a informal backyard setting, around the swimming pool.  There were no disagreements.  However, most members were more concerned with what was for dinner–stuffed pork chops.

My two mutts and Bogart, step-daughter’s dog, are getting along well.  There was an incident the second morning, where my trusting spouse, let Maggie out of the yard to test whether or not she would stay within property lines.  Needless to say, Maggie headed for the nearest ravine–full of briars.  The recalcitrant pup was retrieved; and in the process, we met Roxanne–the nice neighbor lady across the street.  It turned out we had mutual acquaintances, and received an invite to an upcoming soire.

That’s the view from here in the northern climes.  The leaves have yet to change, but the temps have gotten into the forties at night.  Another impromptu committee meeting could happen at any time.  More volunteers could join this rag-tag army.  Wouldn’t that be something?