Blessed Are the Antagonists… (Re-blog from 2015)

For whom every day’s the same

Endless quests for things to blame

Fools who don’t follow rules

For them, life is cake

Served on a golden plate

Garnished with

Erased guilt

Buried mistakes

Slithering snakes

With nothing to lose

As long as there were

People to use

The Sheepshank Deduction

Writer’s block stalked on big, flat feet

Word clearinghouse, barren, stone cold

Mediocrity attacked, anything written

Conserved word resources–a poor excuse

Oh, the places words wouldn’t go

The places words wouldn’t see today

Subterfuge–came calling

A murder plot brewed

Behind imprisoned walls




I need to get my “mind right” this morning–so I’m going to my “happy place.”  Don’t be frightened.  It’s a little off the beaten path–hold on tight, till we get there.  So, you don’t get carsick–repeat my happy place mantra.  Don’t worry about looking silly.


Happy Place

Happy Place

Find your niche

Find your gnosh


I hope you’re feeling better.  If not–repeat it a few more times for the full effect.  Wait–don’t go anywhere.  There’s more to come.

What’s with Wednesdays?  Do Wednesdays really inspire people to work harder–than on Tuesdays and Thursdays?

“Getting one’s mind right,” is a movie reference from “Cool Hand Luke.”  It has to do with social and emotional maturity.  Taking responsibility for one’s actions–before the correctional system takes control.

Bullies, bullying, narcissists:  have been around as long as there have been people.  I think it’s harder for victims today, because of social media.  There are no places to hide.

“Stupid things said by people who should be smarter,” There have been too many of these lately.  Don’t these people have filters in their heads–to screen thoughts before they speak?  Then, again, we’re not all playing cards from the same deck. There are different levels of social and emotional maturity.

Grandstanding in professional sports–what has it done to the American psyche?  It explains the person high-fiving, doing fake slam-dunks, after winning fifty dollars on a scratch-off lottery ticket; and the happy football player, with number 44, at the deli counter.

A dream diary:  I’m thinking about keeping a dream diary.  Do you think it might work?  Thanks for coming along.  We’ve gone down a few side streets.  I trust the ride wasn’t too rough.  Happy Wednesday!