The Committee Has Spoken

A more loose-knit committee has heretofore never been seen.  Building a piece of furniture, with tools and volunteer craft persons 800 miles from the comfort of my workshop, is proving to be a challenge.  Not impossible, but quite unwieldy.

Yesterday afternoon, most of the committee members met in a informal backyard setting, around the swimming pool.  There were no disagreements.  However, most members were more concerned with what was for dinner–stuffed pork chops.

My two mutts and Bogart, step-daughter’s dog, are getting along well.  There was an incident the second morning, where my trusting spouse, let Maggie out of the yard to test whether or not she would stay within property lines.  Needless to say, Maggie headed for the nearest ravine–full of briars.  The recalcitrant pup was retrieved; and in the process, we met Roxanne–the nice neighbor lady across the street.  It turned out we had mutual acquaintances, and received an invite to an upcoming soire.

That’s the view from here in the northern climes.  The leaves have yet to change, but the temps have gotten into the forties at night.  Another impromptu committee meeting could happen at any time.  More volunteers could join this rag-tag army.  Wouldn’t that be something?

A Suspicious Mind

Before sunrise, at approximately 5:55 AM, through the blackness of night, came sounds of power tools from a home construction site.

It seemed out-of-place.  A late-model, dark-colored GMC or Chevrolet pickup was parked at an angle.  Air ratchets, and hammering, broke the silence.

Was it the construction crew at that early hour?  Or, someone with nefarious purposes in mind?  Maybe, this was legitimate?

Couldn’t help but wonder.  Wasn’t going to approach whomever it was.  Made a mental note, in case there were further developments.  A little after six, the truck left.

Bay Window Seat

If everything goes according to plan, it should turn out something like this.

In the planning stages–a bay window seat for my daughter’s new house.

Different from the norm, because the windows go from floor to ceiling.  The outward facing surfaces will need to be finished, since this will be a movable seat.

There’s an 800 mile logistics issue.  I live that far from  where my daughter lives.  One of my son-in-laws is skilled, and we can tackle the project together; plus he has necessary tools.

I have a barely used brad nailer, that is easily transportable.  Now, to find  someone local with a small air compressor.  This will take place in October.  Will post pictures of the finished product.FRLSP60HBXWSCKY.LARGE