Telephone Salvation (Encore Presentation)

seance 2

One size fits all, misfits

Screamed, indulge me!

Make me happy!

Boys from Possum Junction

Veronicas from Pecatonica

Sat around the parlor table

In a séance, for miscreants

Conjured spirits, of

Recently departed ambitions

Contemplated, turning points

Of contention, where, how, when

Relationships went askew

Deliberations, starved

For attention

Couldn’t make up, for

What, wasn’t there

Folded arms–a few stifled yawns later

Cautious glances, at watches

Last words, soon forgotten

Boredom ended, with

Telephone salvation

Tomorrow–Maybe Next Week

Find something to wear

Practice your best

Nobody cares stare

Shuffle through

The spurious

The surreptitious

The pugnacious

Fallen on the closet floor

A lifetime never enough

To say what needs to be said

Dirty old so-and-sos

All shook up–at a standstill

Tomorrow–maybe next week

This, that, some other place

Can’t be more definite than that


Mock, Mock Away (The Sequel)

Mock, mock away

If you must–or not

Mock, mock, mock

Make it stop!

Stop, stop

Acquiesce to the rain

Move outdoor

Activities indoors

Do insane things

Wash car in the rain

With a bar of soap

Take a natural rain shower

With bathing suit of course

Sorry–I no longer enjoy

Long walks in the rain

Mock, mock–it’s

Not funny anymore


When Believing Was Easy

Bumped around the house

Stumbled into things

You’d think he’d be used to it by now

Beautiful harmonies rang out

There was nobody there

Not like long ago

When music was everywhere

Life was gritty and hard

Lord–did that clock

Have to tick so loud?

Believing was easy

Bereft of emotion

He hung on to her every word

Like a drowning man

Wished he were stronger

And the days were longer


Gravitational Waves

I’ve no use

For useless baubles

Cheap talk–and

Meaningless babble

Log in or get out

Don’t waste time

Do something useful

Play hide and seek

With hidden agendas

Just don’t lose them

What would be the use of that?

Most people didn’t mean

Most of what they said

Others just pretended

Sun strobed through bare trees

Gave me a throbbing headache

Watched people at the airport

Little boy sang a happy song

Pulled suitcase behind parents

Made my day bearable


FANCY BALI BELLY DANCERS (A Breakfast Table Fable)


It all started when
Lady Alice became bored
At breakfast one morning
There came a voice–quite plain
From her royal bowl of Rice Krispies
Perhaps she should have listened?
But instead–chose to ignore
Thought herself gone insane

The voice was persistent
She gave in to temptation
Listened to what it had to say
I’m compelled to mention–if I may
Said the voice–it’s only a suggestion
Bali belly dancers are what you need
Take heed, to brighten your day

Lady Alice put out a call
Throughout all the land
For belly dancers short and tall
Belly dancers came from far and near
Waited outside the palace doors
There were bellies here–bellies there
More bellies than Lady Alice had ever seen before
Some flopped, some fell–some couldn’t dance at all

Fancy Bali belly dancers
Proved to be a catastrophe
There was a real chance
Bellies would be the death of her
Take your fancy Bali bellies
Get out–be gone–she said
Let me rest my aching head
I’d rather be bored, than hysterical
From this frightening parade of umbilicals

Even when you’re bored–voices in cereal bowls should be ignored