A Day Off

I took today off to regroup–gather my thoughts.  No, there’s nothing wrong.  Life is good in general.

Sometimes I worry about repeating myself.  There’s the quality/quantity issue.  After almost five years of this, there have been a lot of posts.

The Shakespearian adage, “There’s nothing new under the sun,” applies.  That’s why, of late, I’ve done some updates on old posts.

In the local area, the new amusement park is shaping up.  Many of the new rides are visible.  What will this do for local traffic?  …The local economy?  The jury is still out.

“Wahlburgers” was announced today in a press conference, as the first tenant.  The first and only “Wahlburgers” franchise in the state.  More announcements are forthcoming.

From the Sidelines

This week I will be entertaining first-time visitors to the area–my sister and brother-in-law.  Looking forward to their visit and showing them around.

My klutziness has been in full force this past week.  Starting with my dropping a jar of chili sauce in the supermarket.  Tonight, I accidently sprayed myself with mayonnaise at a local restaurant.

Maybe I needed to be put in “time out?”  In the meantime my posts will be sporadic.  I’ll be watching from the sidelines.

A Friendly Reminder

It’s been a busy day.  Trip to the doctor for my regular monthly B-12 shot.  After, that off to get my tousled, salt-and-pepper mane trimmed.  Then, to the vet’s office to renew the dog’s medicine.  The vet’s office was closed–on vacation till April 2nd.  By that time it was mid-afternoon.

Time for afternoon coffee and cookies.  I’m finished running errands, and it’s raining.  At least, I made it home before the deluge.  A reminder to faithful readers, I will be on jury duty for the next two weeks.  Feel free to drop by in my absence.  I will be here evenings to check things out.

For the Team

Divisiveness faded

Like dirty snow

On every sandlot

Stadium and alley

Grass has gone green

The equinox vernal

They stand stick-straight

Optimism eternal

Stay within yourself

Try hard as you can

With clever phraseology

That will knock their socks off

Sprains, pains disappear

Loudspeaker blared

“All those with bruised egos

Report to the training room!”

Jonathan Livingston Seashell

How much is that froggy on the window?  Searching for frogs, toads, and lizards is my two dogs regular evening ritual.  If one of them finds something, the other one is right there.

It’s the celebration of the long Labor Day weekend.  I hope most of you are lucky enough to commune with Jonathan Livingston Seashell, and others like him, on the beach this holiday.

I’m sure some of you know the anxiety that can come with blogging.  One day loving it, the next day considering how to give your blog a proper send-off and burial.  Not getting upset about it, feels so much better.

Weekend, holiday revelers are beginning to congregate.  Got to run for some takeout–a regular Friday thing.


–Image, http://www.frankabbottphotography.com/

Subtle Innuendos

What did it mean to dream about found money?  Angry Rorschach blobs?

That was Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta’ Love,” by the Hollyridge Strings.  More easy listening favorites after news, sports, and weather.

This is Nick Bumpus, your host for “Mellow in the Morning.” Coming up–“You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling,” “What’s Love Got To Do With It?,” “Love Can Make You Happy,” “Love Stinks.”  Don’t go away–join me after the break–won’t you?

What this all means, is today I’m not loving this blogging thing so much.  Ideas are not flowing freely–not that they ever did, anyway.  I’ve enjoyed reading and commenting on other posts about as much as anything.

Screaming Four-Year-Olds

The anniversary is a little over a week away, but who’s counting?  Four-year-olds are not known for patience or restraint.

Blogging has been a love/hate relationship.  At this point, I don’t hate it enough to quit. On good days everything comes together.  Then, come the days, when ideas stay hidden.

When I get too comfortable, format changes come along.  Daily Prompts disappeared and returned.  Some bloggers I followed, mysteriously disappeared.  The latest; can’t re-blog my posts from previous years.

My favorite thing is to write short stories.  Fake fairy tales, fake tabloid stories, fake news stories–fictional stories, that could be real.

None of this should come as a surprise.  Typical four-year olds, don’t want to go to bed; sometimes don’t want to get out of bed; don’t want to go home when having a good time away from home.  Perhaps their worst characteristic–related to the other ones, is–they don’t like to be told, no.

Which could explain the temperamental nature of this blog.  Maturity has never gotten in the way.  The author has no qualms about offering unsolicited, curmudgeonly advice.  Flattery, bribery with incredible edibles–candy, ice cream, cake is tolerated.

If lightning struck twice, with over 500 hits on one post; I would probably faint.  Popularity is fleeting and overrated.  Success breeds more angst for continued success, and contempt, when success isn’t forthcoming.  Blogging late into the evening and I can’t get to sleep.