A Great Divide

Why does my dog hate it when I sneeze?

With the Holidays fast approaching, I can’t get with it today.

My laptop quit working with Wi-Fi four days ago.  I’ve tried everything.  The dinosaur PC’s worked just fine.

On the way to gas up the car, noticed something road-killed.  Why did I look?  It was a fawn, recently hit by a car, the look of frozen fear still in its eyes.

Why do I let things go for far too long and then overcompensate?

Washed the car in shorts and T-shirt, temperature in mid-seventies.  In a few days, it will be no warmer than freezing in the upper Midwest.  I’m enjoying this while I can.

Christmas at the beach would be pleasant compared to drifting snow and howling winds.


Rain and Labor Day Mondays

This Labor Day weekend has been a rainy one.

Because of the rain, oppressive heat has temporarily disappeared along with the sun.

The parade of beachgoers that cut their vacations short, clog the highways.

It’s been an opportunity to get rid of some inside clutter.  What good were pieces and parts of old solar yard lights?  After four-plus years, there was no guarantee they’d ever work–even with new batteries.


–Image, Pat Peterson, http://www.wkrg.com/ 

Only For a Little While

There’s no need to explain.  Many of you know what it’s like to go through tragedy and personal loss.

For those reasons, and more, my wife and myself, will be taking a brief hiatus next week.

Our thirty-fifth anniversary is coming up.  It will be nice to cruise the Western Caribbean and be waited on hand and foot for a change.

“Why are you taking that old shirt?”  Asked my darling wife.

“I don’t know–it’s comfortable,” I answered.

“Get something else.  We may want to go somewhere after lounging on the beach.”

So that’s how it’s going around here.

My goal is to look more awkward than the gentleman in white shorts on the right side of the photo.


Sirius, the Dog-Star

Reigns supreme in the sky

My imagination hidden

Under the porch

Like a hot, tired hound dog

During scorching days of August.

I could go to the beach anytime I wanted?

No, it’s too sandy

There are too many tourists

I could go fishing?

Too many gnats and bugs

Again–it’s too hot.

The car needs washed?

Here I sit–full of excuses

Doing none of these

All or nothing–never satisfied