For the Team

Divisiveness faded

Like dirty snow

On every sandlot

Stadium and alley

Grass has gone green

The equinox vernal

They stand stick-straight

Optimism eternal

Stay within yourself

Try hard as you can

With clever phraseology

That will knock their socks off

Sprains, pains disappear

Loudspeaker blared

“All those with bruised egos

Report to the training room!”



The Cardinals-Cubs rivalry is one of the greatest in baseball–if not in all sports.  When it comes down to it, it’s not about media hoopla, but rather who gets the job done on the field.  This time the Cubs came through.

It pains me to say it–as a lifelong St. Louis Cardinals fan.  Outplayed by rival Chicago Cubs, I congratulate them; wish them further success in the playoffs!

If I may use a quote familiar to Cubs fans from early childhood for the past century, “There’s always next year!”