On a Soggy Summer Day

A female cardinal
Walked on the edge
Of the planter box
Outside my window
Squirrels, scurried
Back and forth
Across the lawn
Stealing ripe fruit
From my jelly palm
Their nemesis, Maggie
Was no longer around
To keep them at bay
A banana spider
Big as my palm
Attempted to build
A web across the
Doorway of my barn
Days were shorter
Nights longer
On a soggy
Summer day


Special Elections/Frog Stranglers

It’s primary election day. There were a slew of senatorial candidates for both parties.  If there was no majority, a runoff will happen in September.

It didn’t take long to vote, since the polling station wasn’t crowded and the ballot was short.

Ballots for regular elections are so long, I think most people grow weary after voting their choices for federal offices. Paging through various district judges, referendums, state constitutional revisions, local issues, crammed at the tail end of the ballot–most don’t understand the issues and are tired at that point.

The good part, I did my civic duty before an intense rainstorm hit–a real “frog strangler.” Speaking of frogs–my dogs and me were watching little frogs on our flooded patio, swimming for their lives.