Tomorrow–Maybe Next Week

Find something to wear

Practice your best

Nobody cares stare

Shuffle through

The spurious

The surreptitious

The pugnacious

Fallen on the closet floor

A lifetime never enough

To say what needs to be said

Dirty old so-and-sos

All shook up–at a standstill

Tomorrow–maybe next week

This, that, some other place

Can’t be more definite than that


Coffee Thoughts For Today #humor #classictv

  • Blog threat level today is neutral or ecru (guys, you’ll probably have to look this up).
  • It is strawberry season once again–Yay!
  • Is there such a thing as bad memory foam?
  • There are an awful lot of comic book heroes.
  • It’s not always a good idea to share annoyances with readers.
  • Today’s weather forecast: “Sum, Sum”–autocorrect is on the loose.
  • You’ve seen the movie–waiting for the book to come out.
  • Do ants have picnics?
  • Did ear trumpet virtuosos exist in the old days?
  • Dream sequences are sometimes too weird to share.
  • To the “Meathead’s, Gloria’s, Edith’s,” with nothing good to say–“Stifle yourselves–You’s!”
  • Everybody fights hidden battles–be nice to each other.