Doves & Owls (Free Philosophizing and Yard Art)

Nobody under the age of fifty will remember Mrs. Olsen, spokesperson for the Folger’s coffee brand.  She spoke with a Scandinavian accent and hawked “mountain grown” Folger’s coffee.

The UK and associated nations celebrate Boxing Day.  Last Holiday Season I received an advertisement on my computer, for Boxing Day sales in Australia.  My daughter resides there.

I propose a new Holiday tradition–Re-gifting Day.  A reason to get rid of those unwanted items cluttering the house.  Perhaps providing others with useful items?  At the very least, providing material to store for Re-gifting Day the following year.

Faking sickness:  Children will find it more difficult, because of energy efficient lighting, emitting far less heat energy.  Holding a thermometer against LED light bulbs will do little to fake high fevers.

Walk it off.  Wait and see.  Advice for those with aches and pains not severe enough to stay home from work or school.  There’s a whole Sudafed Army of us out there.

There are many “words of the moment” that become overused and trite.  So many, that I can never hope to keep current.  However, two that should be put to rest, are “epic” and legendary.”

Ego tourists: Loyalty program snobs: Latest terminology to describe those “entitled” persons that misbehave/bully other vacationers on cruise ships and at resorts.  The same people that cut you off in traffic, go on vacations.  Imagine that?


Author: warturoadam77p

70 year old married retired communications worker with three grown children, transplanted from the Midwest to the sunny Gulf Coast.

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