Ain’t Misbehaving?

Waited to back out of a parking space. Cars on both sides, right and left. Since some recent fender-benders, my awareness is heightened.

In particular, the car on the left, sported out-of-state license. If it mattered, from the largest northeastern state. I was in the process of backing out.

The white-haired, senior female driver, exited her car, opened the right, rear door with a thud against my car. Then held up my backing out while she unloaded material from the back seat.

“Why hadn’t I inspected my car for damage?” Asked my wife. The guilty party took up all the space between the two cars, made my exit nearly impossible. No damage was found, later.

With the family, a few years ago, at Disney World, we waited in a long line to enter the Tower Of Terror.  There were people from all over the US, and from other countries.

After almost an hour in Florida heat and humidity, “What are you looking at?  Stop staring at me!” Came unexpectedly from someone in the crowd–directed at my wife.  I didn’t let it go.  Would have been worse, had she been called the “B” word.

“I don’t know why you’re picking on my wife–or what kind of game you’re playing.  She’s the sweetest person in the world, mother of three, grandmother of four.  Aren’t we all here to have a good time?  Everybody’s tired of waiting.”

Tower of Terror compressed and decompressed my spine in rapid succession.  I felt like a human concertina.  This was supposed to represent a hotel elevator gone out of control.  I was glad when it all ended.

A recent news story about an airline passenger berating seat mates for being overweight, caught my attention. It would not have made the news, had the complainer, not made a public scene. Which resulted in the offender being asked to leave the flight.

Are there that many of us so starved for attention? So much so, that common decency is ignored? I’ll admit to being occasionally annoyed by bad behavior. I try to keep my mouth shut unless physically threatened.

Author: warturoadam77p

70 year old married retired communications worker with three grown children, transplanted from the Midwest to the sunny Gulf Coast.

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