Boredom Therapy

In the midst of a series of rainy days, it was quite easy for general malaise to become boredom, then all-inclusive griping.

What was there to do? Watching paint dry wasn’t possible. Grass and mold continued to grow with each passing shower.

Griping was something, once started, had no end. Last year, continuing into the current year, my laptop developed issues. Frustrating to me–summarized, in chronological order.

6-1-17: The craziness continues. Can’t search, even from home page.

8-5-17: Wi-Fi quit working–Oh, what fun!

8-6-17: Cooling system problem. Warning–return for servicing.

8-9-17: No internet. 8-15-17: Slow internet.

9-12-17: Still stuck in mud. 9-14-17: Ditto. 9-15-17: More of the same.

9-19-17: No home page. AOL briefly came, then went kaput.

10-23-17: Updated internet security, then everything went wonky.

10-26-17: After security update, frequently visited sites, couldn’t be visited. They’re suddenly not secured. Perhaps I should contact Mark Zuckerberg, as suggested, ask him to update FB security, so my laptop will work properly?  Fat chance of that happening.

11-13-18: Couple of days of reasonably good internet.

12-3-17: This laptop may as well be a brick–can’t access the ‘net.

4-20-18: Internet down since 3 PM.

4-28-18: I’m on line, I’m off line–which was it?

6-26-18: Overheating issue repaired. Slow internet, on fringes of wi-fi unchanged.

8-4-18: Sketchy wi-fi, but no searching.

8-7-18: My old friend “invalid network configuration” popped up out of the blue.

8-14-18: Briefly accessed entry page. 8-15-18: Entry page accessed even more briefly than night before.

I should explain–my laptop functioned normally in the house. Why did I put up with such difficulties? Challenges never stopped me before.  Maybe complaining had the cathartic effect I needed?

Author: warturoadam77p

70 year old married retired communications worker with three grown children, transplanted from the Midwest to the sunny Gulf Coast.

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