Only In Movies Or On TV (Cut the Red Wire)

  • Phone traces never worked.  There was never enough time–even in this era of advanced technology.
  • Criminal suspects always headed to roofs of multi-story buildings. The last door would always be unlocked. There he or she would, either be apprehended, or attempt suicide by jumping.
  • Main characters, pursued by villains in cars, ran down the middle of streets.
  • Locks could be picked in a few seconds. Otherwise, a few gun shots to the doorknob, sufficed. Doors are easily bashed in with linebacker moves, or swift kicks.  Deadbolt locks don’t exist.
  • In war movies, guys displaying pictures of wives or girlfriends, died tragically.
  • Strange noises from possible home invaders are never investigated silently.  Instead, with announcements of “Who’s there?, Is someone there?, Larry, is that you?  Is this one of your jokes? If it is you–this is not funny.”
  • Investigative weapons of choice: Baseball bats, fireplace pokers, and golf clubs.
  • City police resented the presence of “foreign” law enforcement officers.
  • There is no honor among thieves.  Someone will turn state’s evidence if the price is right.
  • In police dramas, security cameras are readily available.
  • Air conditioning ceiling ducts, miraculously held the weight of humans passing through.
  • Private conversations in large rooms are never overheard.
  • Automobiles driven, without drivers watching roadways–allowed for better conversations.
  • Older model cars would most likely be wrecked.
  • When bombs or explosives needed to be defused–cut the red wire.


Author: warturoadam77p

70 year old married retired communications worker with three grown children, transplanted from the Midwest to the sunny Gulf Coast.

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