No Alarm Bells Going Off in My Head

This has been a quiet Saturday. There was a ninety per cent chance of rain predicted. I’m looking out from the ten per cent side of that prediction.

Rain would possibly have made it more comfortable, than the over eighty per cent dew point. So much for meteorological chit- chat.

What does one do when there’s nothing in particular to write about? Write about why there are no subjects about which to write. There are many topics–some of them I won’t touch.

I repaired the vacuum cleaner this morning.  Did that get your attention?  I certainly hope it didn’t.  Two dogs in the household with associated hair clumps, tortured the poor machine almost to oblivion.

Do you dislike posts on Facebook that call for participation? Copy and paste this–otherwise you are an insensitive, boorish, non-believing hypocrite, or some other (fill-in-blank) foolishness. Subjects repeated in a closed loop, eight-track tape fashion, again-and-again.

Do you find “phrases of the moment” annoying? The latest one seems to be “at some point.” At least it has drawn attention away from the other annoying phrase, “at the end of the day.” Because “at the end of the day,” “at some point,” people have to think for themselves.

Author: warturoadam77p

70 year old married retired communications worker with three grown children, transplanted from the Midwest to the sunny Gulf Coast.

7 thoughts on “No Alarm Bells Going Off in My Head”

  1. Not forgetting the modern day habit of starting literally every sentence with the word – So. Whenever I hear a supposedly well educated individual either on radio or television do that, as I can’t physically slap their head with a piece of 4×2 (2×4 to you), I turn the damn wireless or tv off!!! 😉

    1. I with you on your soapbox, Jack. Young folks tend to overuse the work “like.” Is something “like” something? Why can’t the object in question be what it was intended to be? Don’t even get me started on the despised–“it is what it is.” What is/was, what was is/was?

  2. Reblogged this on itinerantneerdowell and commented:

    It’s obviously not Saturday. The foolishness mentioned in the last two paragraphs continues. FB quizzes, for willing participants–10 best , 10 worst, can you ID the following? Some, or most are phishing schemes, to reach and spam you–where you happen to be.

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