Whew–What a Week

The Crazola Conspiracy:  Crayola crayon company should be renamed for fixing what wasn’t broken.  The color “dandelion” kicked-out of its 24-pack.  A social media poll will select a replacement.  Did this mean,  the 24-pack would actually be a 23-pack in the interim?

This was strangely similar to Hasbro’s, Monopoly game piece shuffle stunt.

Whoops–there goes another conspiracy giraffe.  Some, are now convinced that April, the allegedly pregnant giraffe, is just another in a growing list of conspiracies.

Yee Haw–Bovine terror in North County:  Mid-week, my daughter was detained from leaving work, by escaped cattle from a slaughterhouse.  Cattle roamed the parking lot, until law enforcement rounded them up.  None of the law seemed eager to get out of their vehicles.

Why did some folks mute the sound track on commercials?  Commercials were frequently more entertaining than regular TV prime-time programming.

Dropped mikes:  Verizon’s spokesperson’s mike dropping sales pitch I found annoying.  I got the points–just not the dropped microphones.

Overused movie quotes:  AT&T was vying for most annoying commercial of the year, with its “movie quote guy.”  If I hear, monotone “Bueller, Bueller” just one more time!

Just to keep warm–or something more sinister?  Transients built a fire under a section of Atlanta’s busy I-85 corridor, causing damage, and major traffic delays in the foreseeable future.

The Brand New Stephen King Conspiracy:  Which I’m starting immediately–pass it on.  An entire generation is deathly afraid of clowns.  It’s Stephen King’s fault.

Ronald McDonald is exiled, till wackos in clown suits stop jumping out of the woods and scaring the unsuspecting populace.

You want more proof?  Stephen King convinced us spirits could communicate with us through our television sets.

Vintage Plymouth Fury automobiles with tail fins went on murderous killing sprees–  Stephen King’s fault.

Empty hotels made lonely writers go insane.  Weren’t those twin girls creepy?

After Cujo, nobody looked at Rottweilers the same, ever again.

It’s not that I don’t like Stephen King.  Who can you trust?  You can trust Stephen King to spin a good scary yarn.  He’s too good, for his own good.  It’s all Stephen King’s fault.


Author: warturoadam77p

65 year old married retired communications worker with three grown children, transplanted from the Midwest to the sunny Gulf Coast.

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