Where Is West Point?

Morning fog curtain has yet to lift–revealing the final tragic scene of a three-state manhunt.  If you drive a late-model Kia, chances are it was manufactured at the nearby assembly plant.

A West Point, GA motel is where fugitive, Billy Boyette and his girlfriend’s murderous, seven-day crime spree came to an end.  But not before the lives of four women ended at his hands.

Two of the victims were murdered, just for their cars.  One victim from a nearby town, murdered, while working in her front lawn.  I’m sure the victims would have gladly traded car keys for their lives.  They weren’t given the chance.

Were it not for observant locals, Boyette could still be on the run.  The white Chevy Cobalt, stolen from the fourth victim parked outside the motel, gave him away.  Boyette vowed to not be taken alive.

The standoff lasted most of the day, Tuesday during fierce thunderstorms and rain.   Investigators are still on the scene.  Boyette was his own judge and jury; took his own life as law enforcement threatened to break down the motel room door.

Monday, the rumors flew.  Where were the two fugitives hiding?  Nobody felt safe.  His girlfriend–I’ll not mention her name, because her part in this murderous crime spree will have to be proven in court.  Boyette’s gone, his cold-hearted actions deserve no sympathy.


Author: warturoadam77p

65 year old married retired communications worker with three grown children, transplanted from the Midwest to the sunny Gulf Coast.

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