Genealogy Merry-Go-Round

I find one’s genetic makeup interesting.  My significant other–not as much.

Were websites, such as, simply ploys to separate us from our money?

Obviously, if they weren’t making money, they wouldn’t stay in business.  How was it possible for someone to be related to Cleopatra?  …Or, some other historical figure, at a time when record keeping wasn’t what it is today?

I’m going to assume it’s done with genetic coding.  Those from the Middle East have common genetic markers.  Others, from elsewhere in the world, have their own specific markers.  My unbelieving spouse and I, agreed to disagree.

My family history, on both sides, was researched before the digital age.  The ancestry website confirmed what was already known–back to the eighteenth century.  Although,  television commercials are entertaining, I’ve not received pictures of any of my ancestors–especially, the way-back ones.

Without going into detail, here’s what was previously known.  My paternal great-grandfather’s family came from Upper Austria.  My maternal great-grandfather’s family came from Yorkshire, England.  My maternal, great-grandmother was Dutch.

Breakdown from the popular ethnicity website:

  • Great Britain———————————77%
  • Eastern Europe——————————-15%
  • Iberian Peninsula——————————2%
  • Asia—————————————–2%
  • Ireland—————————————1%
  • Western Europe——————————–1%
  • Italy/Greece, Finland/NW Russia——————<1%


Katherine and Eric, from the television commercial–Katherine was surprised to find out that Eric wasn’t Italian, but rather Eastern European.  My 2% Iberian Peninsular and Asian ancestry was certainly a surprise.  It’s not likely to stir any interest from the folks.  However, genealogy may explain why my great-aunt made plum pudding for the Holidays every year.

Author: warturoadam77p

70 year old married retired communications worker with three grown children, transplanted from the Midwest to the sunny Gulf Coast.

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