Thank Goodness That’s Over

Get there.  Get back.  Too much of that has gone on in 2016.  I’ve felt like over-the-road truck drivers must feel.

I appreciate the convenience afforded by technology, but don’t trust it as much as some folks do.  There’s no substitute for self-reliance.  This is leading up to a rant about GPS routing.

Every trip to St. Louis and my GPS suggests going through Mississippi, Tennessee, and Kentucky.  In miles, it is a shorter distance.  The Monday before Christmas, beaten down by GPS for a number of years–we gave in.

Elapsed time was about the same.  Carefree interstate cruising it was not.  Too many towns, stop lights, winding two-lane highways, for my tastes.  One sudden stop in a nameless Mississippi town, sent the cargo sliding forward, and the cargo barrier landed on top of our two mutts.  It took an extra stop to calm the dogs–who were ready to bail out.

My second tech rant is about my laptop computer.  Due to a glitch, I had no internet when I was out-of-town.  My laptop, for whatever reason, decided it no longer wished to link up to Wi-Fi. One of my tech-savvy relatives got it back on-line the last day.

An observation–it seemed the state of Texas was overrepresented on the highways yesterday.  South Carolina and Georgia deserved honorable mentions.  There was plenty of time to take an unofficial poll, while caught in a 30 mile traffic jam.  Not that I wished to cast any of those states in a negative light.








Author: warturoadam77p

65 year old married retired communications worker with three grown children, transplanted from the Midwest to the sunny Gulf Coast.

7 thoughts on “Thank Goodness That’s Over”

  1. Happy New year!

    I, too, lived in the map era and don’t trust GPS. Did you know that if your speedometer goes out, you can buy a GPS speedometer? Now that’s one way GPS might be useful. 🙂

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