This Week–An Update

The paddle boarding turned out to be kayaking.  I’m the family patriarch–and, as such, always the last to know.  A good time was had by those involved.  Dolphins were spotted in their natural environment.

Nobody in the family likes themselves in pictures–so, from now on, all selfies may be photo-shopped.

Biloxi–Gulfport, have been rebuilt, spit and polished, since my last visit post-Katrina.

Amusing childhood recollections, have been a popular pastime, during lulls in activities.  I can’t reveal any of them, for fear of retribution.

Playing board games together continues to be a family tradition.

There may be a market for a new product called, “Shadow Remover.  This idea came about, because someone I think highly of, related a story about scrubbing a shadow–thinking it was dirt–on the kitchen countertop.  I suppose, it was another, “you had to be there to appreciate it,” thing.

The duck boat ride, yesterday, was better than expected.  I learned more about downtown Mobile, than I’ve learned in the previous twelve years.

Dinner at Felix’s Fish Camp yesterday evening, was even better, than my previous visit during lunchtime.  The crab soup–a house specialty, was excellent.

Getting everyone together before eleven, to go anywhere, remains an awkward process.  Why should I care?  I’m the host–they’re on vacation.

I’m not into the selfie thing–will happily leave that to others.

Caught some flak about not stopping enough on yesterday’s drive–including from the “Shadow Remover.”  That’s a bad habit of mine.  If things are scheduled, I don’t want to be miss anything.




Author: warturoadam77p

65 year old married retired communications worker with three grown children, transplanted from the Midwest to the sunny Gulf Coast.

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