From One Obsession To the Next

It was fun, hanging out with sleazy puns

Until the euphemisms and acronyms arrived

Got into scuffles with exclamation points

All the other punctuation marks joined in

Disgusted by the pugilistic spectacle

Nouns booked passages out of town

Conjunctions became dysfunctional

Abbreviations lost all their brevity

Puns, absolved of responsibilities

Went on gargantuan spending sprees

Prepositions copped nasty dispositions

Adjectives objected to all suggestions

Articles scattered like dust particles

Participles dangled–tripped in the aisles

To the accompaniment of awkward smiles

While verbs hung out with Pokémon nerds

Adverbs sucked up all remaining words

All hope for today, faded away



Author: warturoadam77p

65 year old married retired communications worker with three grown children, transplanted from the Midwest to the sunny Gulf Coast.

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