Bovine Gold

There’s gold in them thar’ cow’s urine.  Could it be true?

According to the “Indian Express” study on the Gir cow species done by a team of researchers at the Junagadh Agricultural University (JAU) in the city of Guhjarat…carried out over a period of five years.

The study was mounted to validate a claim in a Hindu scripture that cow urine contains gold.

Scientists in India sampled urine from 500 cow test subjects.  They discovered 10-30 mg of gold in a liter of urine–also, tiny amounts of silver, and calcium.

So, what was the significance?  Would there be a new gold rush, from this new, unusual source?

Professor Balu Golakia, head of the research team, said in an interview: ‘The gold salt in cow urine can be transformed into powder, then into metal balls.  But we do not prescribe to start an industry of extracting gold from cow urine.’

There was no mention of mining meadow muffins–the other bovine waste product.

Other species–buffaloes, camels, goats and sheep, were urine tested, with negative results.


–quoted passages from: prabukm@sph,–


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