A tale spun from an actual event.



–Photo Debbie Williams/WKRG TV–

“Ouch,” Clint caught the half-eaten pine cone that just bounced off the top of his head.  The guilty party–a squirrel in the pine tree above.

“Come back here, you ornery little bugger, ” Clint threatened–shook his fist.  The recalcitrant rodent, flicked its bushy tail and climbed higher.  That little bugger deliberately hit me–right on top of the old brain box  

It was early Monday morning–the weekend was over.  What else could go wrong?  Sometime later, on the way to work, a grasshopper jumped from the bushes–landed on his arm.

This wasn’t just any grasshopper–this was Black Bart.  Black Bart’s shiny exoskeleton glistened in the sun.  This special grasshopper hailed from the “Land of things too weird to be believed.”

Black Bart was out for some early Monday morning fun.  Clint was totally oblivious to special grasshoppers and all the rest.  Clint swatted the grasshopper…

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Author: warturoadam77p

65 year old married retired communications worker with three grown children, transplanted from the Midwest to the sunny Gulf Coast.

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