Sometime After Alice (After Vonnegut & McLuhan)

Sometime after Alice fell down the rabbit hole

And got into the bigger-smaller shape-shifting thing

Small screens changed to big screens

Then back again to, even smaller

McLuhanesque, mediums with messages

Humankind stared–and stared in awe

Instantaneously linked to the universe

Handheld, mirrored screens, let secrets leak

Cars went from big-fendered putt-putts

To bigger, faster, chrome-festooned chariots

Till we came back to earth in the seventies

Station wagons became compacts, sub compacts

Computerized with interactive touch screens

Rural farmhouses, neat cottages

Begat tract homes on suburban fringes

With long commutes to work and back

Which begat big, bigger, and still bigger mansions

To contain more cars, more people, more gadgets

More tension, ulcers, heart attacks, high blood pressure

Bigger wasn’t always better for some folks

Rebellious winds blew in with simpler lifestyles

Mini-farms, backyard chickens, the Tiny House Movement

Glorified homes on wheels with–just the basics, please

And you know what?  I think Kurt Vonnegut was right

Mirrors really were “leaks in the universe”

Excuse me–my mirror is leaking.  I have to take this.



Author: warturoadam77p

65 year old married retired communications worker with three grown children, transplanted from the Midwest to the sunny Gulf Coast.

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