The Question Box & Other Childhood Folkisms #Humor #Families

Now, pipe down as we head down the nostalgic road to yesteryear.  I wouldn’t want to have to put the quietus on you.  Don’t make me turn this car around!  This is a list of parental, grandparental words, phrases, admonitions from childhood–all my selective memory would allow.  There are many more.  I’ve included a link to a similar themed post from another blog I enjoyed reading.

  1. Looking glass:  Mirror
  2. Window light: Window
  3. Hard roads:  Paved highways
  4. Molygrumps:  Being extra grumpy or crabby
  5. Chum, School chum:  Friend or buddy
  6. Footfeed:  Automobile accelerator pedal
  7. Isinglass:  Fireproof, translucent, pot-bellied stove windows
  8. Clinkers:  Cinders, left from burning coal or wood (not to be confused with clunkers)
  9. Coal oil:  Kerosene for heating or lighting
  10. Fagged out:  Tired, exhausted (no slur intended)
  11. Eyes bigger than stomach:  Took more than could eat
  12. Make better door than window:  Penalty for blocking TV
  13. Buying, selling:  Buy for what you’re worth, sell for what you think you’re worth
  14. Flies:  A compliment, You are with it–a sharp dresser:  There are no flies on you.
  15. Fly catching:  Catch more with honey than vinegar
  16. Slop bucket:  Food waste collected to feed hogs
  17. Frogs:  Fine as frog hair.  Valuable, like silk, or fine powder
  18. Toads:  Blinking like toad in hailstorm–insincere or lying
  19. Tickled pink:  Pleased, happy, also “pleased as punch”
  20. Much obliged:  Thankful, obligated for kindness shown
  21. Lolligagging:  Slacking off, laziness, also “goldbricking, dilly-dallying” (see # 22)
  22. Shenanigans:  Mischief, product of idle minds (see # 21)
  23. Three-holer:  Outhouse, privy, capacity for three
  24. Chickens:  Disorganized, like chickens with heads cut off
  25. Going to bed with the chickens:  Retiring at sundown
  26. Spring chicken:  Too old, You’re no spring chicken.
  27. Barns:  Too little, too late–barn door closed after horse was gone
  28. Utility conservation:  Close the door–Were you born in a barn?
  29. Cow patties, pies:  Cow manure, disorganized–running around, falling into
  30. Cow pies & luck:  He could fall into a cow pie, come out smelling like a rose.
  31. Cow’s tail:  Being as slow as the last part of a cow to pass by
  32. Clod hopper(s):  Rube, simpleton, high-top work shoes, farmers favored
  33. Fiddlesticks:  Expression of disdain–also, fine as fiddle dust
  34. Pipe down:  Be quiet–you’re too noisy (see # 35).
  35. Quietus:  Quietness enforced, “Our little darlings didn’t want to go to bed–I put the quietus on that.” In this case, interchangeable with “kibosh.” (see # 34)
  36. Pitchers & ears:  Busybody, eavesdropper–Little pitchers had big ears.
  37. The Question Box:  Answer given in response to too many questions, “It’s a question box–to make you ask questions.”  Then, what is it?  “It’s a question box.”  Anyway–you’ve got the idea.
  38. Crying:  Undesirable behavior–Stop, or I’ll give you something to cry about.
  39. Laughing & bedtime:  Go to bed laughing, you’ll wake up crying.  Was the opposite also true?
  40. Blessed silence:  Children should be seen and not heard.
  41. Paraphrased Biblical reference:  After misbehavior–This is my beloved son in whom I am not so well pleased.

Author: warturoadam77p

65 year old married retired communications worker with three grown children, transplanted from the Midwest to the sunny Gulf Coast.

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