Post-Cruise Reflections

A week ago, this was beach day at Labadee, Haiti.  Here, it’s still late winter.

Morning routine has changed somewhat, from taking the elevator from the seventh deck to the fifth deck for coffee, and then up to deck eleven to watch the sunrise.

What did I like most about the cruise?  Mornings-leisurely greeting the day.  The Broadway-style shows.  Obviously, great food and rich desserts.  Roasted tomatoes at breakfast with scrambled eggs were delicious.

If one ruled out similar offerings of watches, diamonds, clothing, trinkets, there were differences at each port of call.  I searched for Paul Allen’s yacht at Georgetown, Grand Cayman to no avail.  I would not have recognized it, even it had been there.

Our Good Hope plantation tour on Jamaica with emphasis on culture was the highlight of the trip.  Other site tours offered zip lines, ATV trails, horseback riding.  We were exposed to local flora, fauna, and herbal remedies.  Cures for migraine headaches, rashes, upset stomach among other things.

Little did I know, that behind the scenes tours of the cruise ship’s inner workings, were offered upon request.

On the last day, at the Captain and crew’s question and answer session, out came the “penguin” story from the First Engineer.

The First Engineer, previously worked for another cruise line specialized in Antarctic expeditions.  The waters from Argentina to Antarctica, near the straits of Magellan, were the most dangerous in the world.

During one such rough passage a call came in from a frantic female passenger.  The crew questioned the passenger to repeat the problem–“There’s a penguin in my bathroom.  I want it removed immediately.”

The engineer took the call.  According to the ship’s doctor, the woman had overdosed on anti-seasickness patches–which caused hallucinations.

After assurance the penguin, all wild creatures had been removed from her cabin, and with some “drying out time,” everything was fine the rest of the way.

Memories of the, night before, motel stay that proved cheaper wasn’t always better have faded away.  The ship boarding line up that took hours has been forgotten.

I’ll never forget that Jamaicans referred to heavy-set people as being “fluffy.”  I’m feeling quite fluffy this morning.  Getting back to the gym may help in that department.


Author: warturoadam77p

65 year old married retired communications worker with three grown children, transplanted from the Midwest to the sunny Gulf Coast.

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