The Debate Continued

“Do we have any visitors?”

“I’m Bill and I’m not a cruise-a-holic.”

“Hi Bill.”

“It’s been nine years since my last cruise.”

“I’m not even sure why I’m here.”

“There are other things I could be doing right now other than cruising.”

“No, I’ve not succumbed to the allure of the seas, exotic ports–the cacophony of different languages and customs.  Duty-free hasn’t been calling me.”

“It’s OK to be in denial.”

“Why did I have to make a choice?  It was so negative.  Winners/losers–for every winner there had to be a loser.  Everyone liked winners and hated losers.”

The obligatory post-cruise satisfaction survey came today.  What to say?  It will go something as follows.

All-inclusive resorts were a better value for the money.  Air fare and lodging billed together in a neat package.  With the exception of solicitors at the airport hawking condo packages, time shares, real estate deals, there was none of what one finds at cruise ports of call.

There were no waits for pool or beach access.  Themed restaurants had no cover charges.  Only reservations were required.  Buffets were near beaches and swimming pools.

Every cruise ship shore excursion worker had their hands out for tips.  Wasn’t the excursion price enough to pay?  Whose fault was it they weren’t paid decent wages?

For my significant other, the debate ended there.

Excursions at all-inclusive resorts included tour guides, any ancillary fees, and lunch.  Brief stops for souvenirs at local shops were also included.  Some native dancers expected tips–as did bus drivers.

Accommodations were superior to cramped cruise ship interior cabins.  All rooms had balconies.  Liquor cabinet drinks weren’t extra.  Drinks at numerous bars weren’t extra cost either.

The ocean and beach were a short walk away.  Beach chairs, rafts, paddle boats were free of charge.  All were first come, first served.  Kayaks and jet skis were extra-cost items.

It was a question of money–good value for the money.  The dollar went further in Mexico.  Souvenir prices could be bargained down to more reasonable levels.

Why did it have to be one over the other?

What was wrong with liking both?

I liked to visit new destinations.  Learn new things about cultures, history, and geography.

Could it be that Cuba will be the newest cruise destination?  We cruised around the entire island nation.  It was so close and so far away.



Author: warturoadam77p

65 year old married retired communications worker with three grown children, transplanted from the Midwest to the sunny Gulf Coast.

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