Are you someone in my neighborhood?  Someone from the area?  From another country?  It doesn’t matter.  You’re just another nameless, faceless, lowlife preying on the unsuspecting.

On an emotional roller coaster for the past few days.  Two letters came in Saturday’s US mail from Social Security.  One was verification of a new on-line account and password.  The other–thanks for your recent change of address request.

I’d requested neither of these things.  “If these requests were made in error, please contact your nearest SSI office.”  Those words cut like cold steel.  Nothing could be done till after the weekend.

As it turned out, someone had, indeed, attempted to hijack my SSI account; gave a fraudulent telephone number–claimed it was mine.  The SSI agent only gave the area code and prefix.  The prefix completely unfamiliar.

I try to be cautious–don’t give out my SSI number.  Will be even more cautious in the future.  There have been several recent episodes of data hacking.  I felt violated–just like once before when my house was burglarized.  Luckily, this infringement was caught in time.  A scare that could have ended much worse.

Author: warturoadam77p

70 year old married retired communications worker with three grown children, transplanted from the Midwest to the sunny Gulf Coast.

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