Yesterday, December 20th, was one of the worst in my married life.  Our plans to spend Christmas with family and friends took a nasty turn.  At the first rest stop, my wife slipped and fell on slick tile, severely fractured her right arm.  Our two canine companions travel with us and I thought it strange, when someone ran out from the building, waved to get my attention.  It was so early, my mind was still in a fog–like the gloomy weather.

A rapid trip to the nearest ER in a small town, examination by first an internist, then a staff doctor, confirmed severity of the injury.  I still find it hard to believe the county had only one ambulance.  Fortunately, we were only 100 miles from home, and our regional hospital, with an orthopedic doctor on staff. My bride made an ambulance trip back, me following close behind.

I dropped off our mutts at the house and went to the hospital.  My wife made it through successful surgery and stayed overnight.  I can’t say she rested comfortably.  According to the doctor travelling plans are doubtful at this point.  I know, it will break my wife’s heart–if she can’t be with family for Christmas.  Her health and recovery have to take priority.

If my blogging efforts are a bit sporadic in the next few days, I hope everyone will understand.  I’ve been pushed into the leading role.  My wife is always giving of herself to others.  It’s time for me to step up to the plate.

Author: warturoadam77p

70 year old married retired communications worker with three grown children, transplanted from the Midwest to the sunny Gulf Coast.

6 thoughts on “HOLDING IT TOGETHER”

  1. I’m so sorry to hear of your wife’s accident, and I hope she has a speedy and not too painful recovery. I’ll bet you can get your creativity in gear and come up with some fun things to do for the holidays! Who knows what new traditions you may invent…
    Best wishes to both of you!

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