DP: Island of Misfit Posts, “E. PLURIBUS UNIM”–NOT?


I don’t normally post about social issues that bug me.  Perhaps, it’s because I don’t want to risk being stereotyped because of my geographical background, race, religion, age, or politics.  No one wanted to be “spindled, folded, or mutilated,” when I grew up.  In other words, “don’t prejudge me just because of my age.”  No one would readily admit to stereotyping, but we all consciously or unconsciously do it anyway.  I’m what I am, because of my background, and consider these factors strengths, rather than weaknesses.

Has rational discourse gone out of fashion?  It seems to be in shorter and shorter supply.  It’s only through rational discourse with others of opposing viewpoints that we gain an understanding.  There’d be fewer wars and riots if we as a people could settle differences rationally and calmly.  Too simplistic?  Perhaps–I still think it’s something to “shoot for,” (sorry, bad choice of words).

Intolerance, exclusion, insensitivity–three things I see demonstrated more every day.  Does everybody need mandatory sensitivity training?  Do we need to shout down opposing viewpoints?  We’re from different backgrounds with different interests.  There are blogs dedicated to scrapbooking–I personally have no interest, but applaud their efforts.  I see blog posts that are intolerant of opposing viewpoints.  When did being intolerant ever help change hearts and minds of those thought to be intolerant?

Posts that express inflammatory, intolerant, exclusionary, or insensitive viewpoints are divisive–serve to further polarize rather than to unite.  I don’t necessarily have to agree with opposing viewpoints to understand where they’re coming from.  E. Pluribus Unim. “out of many, one,” symbolized the grand social experiment that is our country.  Out of many cultural, political, religious backgrounds we came together for the good of all.  Are we proving our founders wrong?

Author: warturoadam77p

70 year old married retired communications worker with three grown children, transplanted from the Midwest to the sunny Gulf Coast.

4 thoughts on “DP: Island of Misfit Posts, “E. PLURIBUS UNIM”–NOT?”

  1. We are not proving them wrong. We are wrong. They were right, our Founders. They knew things that mattered like Morals, Truth, Selflessness, Cause and how to bring together. I can be tolerant without being weak about things as well. So can others. It is possible. Not easy but possible. Our Founders themselves had quite the range of backgrounds, status, class, economy and far more. They got along for the good of all. Even in great disagreement, they got along. So, yes it is possible. Great post.

  2. Excellent post. Intolerance certainly seems to be one of the root causes of so much conflict. I never really understood why the most narrow or closed minded people appear to be the same ones who will go to great lengths to impose their will on others, and why they think it’s necessary that we are all the same.

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