jumping fish

Silvery juvenile mullet acrobats
Played in smooth bay waters
Locals knew mullet were fish
And not bad haircuts
It was after sunrise
The neighborhood slept in

In spite of their lethargy
The world was the same place
With the same dramas
The same poverty
The same insurrections

For reasons that
Might never happen
A secret took shape
On a bright sunny day
Best to be prepared–in case
Civil liberties went away

An under construction
Swimming pool
Fooled all
Except one
With concrete walls
Poured thick and deep

Outsiders could never know
Hidden underneath
Was a survival bunker
With no guarantees for tomorrow
Things held dear could disappear
It was best to be prepared–today



A misused word, a misremembered song lyric, a cream pie that just happened to be there: tell us about a time you (or someone else) said or did something unintentionally funny.


Jagerschnitzel from a local gasthaus near Frankfurt, Germany, was a favorite among Air Force enlisted men such as myself.  Of course it came smothered in luscious brown mushroom gravy.

One evening, my buddy Joe and I, ordered Jagerschnitzel with a side of pomme frites,  The attractive waitress thought she recognized Joe from a previous encounter.  Joe was embarrassed and denied everything.

“Joe, you old dog.  You’ve been holding out on me.” 

It may have been mistaken identity.  Joe was normally quiet and reserved.  I took advantage of the situation.

As if by twisted, wicked karma, my embarrassing moment was soon to come.

Sometime during the meal, my thumb made an unfortunate slip into thick brown gravy.  A series of unplanned events went into slow motion; the gravy splashed up onto my face and glasses.  The plate flipped up, deposited more gravy.

At that moment, I wished for instantaneous invisibility–it didn’t happen.  There I was–a big doofus, covered in brown gravy.

I mopped with the puny paper napkin until it was hopelessly saturated.  My glasses were the worst.

Before I could leave for the restroom–Joe looked in my direction.

“Adam. what the hell happened to you?”  Joe was astonished.

“I’ve never seen so much gravy.  I thought the waitress dumped the plate over your head.”

“No, Joe, I did it with my fat thumb–all by myself.”

This was my most embarrassing dining incident.  I can laugh about it now.  If wearable food becomes popular, I’m not interested.  Save yourself some embarrassment.  Watch out for gravy karma.


any port in storm

Cauliflower cloud tops
Gained momentum
Sunday morning thunder
Crashed through
Thought barriers
It was both
Ironic and sad
Reiterations were
All that remained

Situational ethics
Training wheels
For every situation
Contestants stumbled
In lightning rounds
Tripped over their
Own tongues–pretended
To not know, what to do
When, the answer was, to
Play the humanity card


Anger from years of hatred
Spilled into the streets
Left scars upon their souls
An eye for an eye–everybody paid
Church bells silent monuments
To Mandela, King, Mother Theresa
Their words, long ago, forgotten
Kings of nothing, fomented hate
Peered out over hills of rubble
From sacred castles far, far, away
It came, first a trickle
Then a tidal wave
Under the same skies
The same sunsets
The same rainbows
As, in days before

A time for love
A time for hate
A time for peace
I swear it’s not too late

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