old building rusted tin

Market sign
Oxidized to
Rusty brown
Red Coca Cola
Circles on both ends
Were long ago gone
Grass grew in cracks
Of broken sidewalk

Flaked and peeling
White clapboard
With faded blue trim
Formerly welcomed
The neighborhood
To stop, shop
Chat with Angie
At checkout
Lonnie at the
Butcher counter

Black, Hunter
Ceiling fans
Turned slowly
During hot summer
Old men greeted
Passers by from
Chairs on both
Sides of the
Front entrance
Nobody seemed
To be in a hurry

The proprietor
George Preston
Always there
For friendly
To lend a hand
How long had it
Been since the
Store closed down?
Nobody knew how
To turn back time


dandelionPhoto by Craig Roberts–

From lawns
Happy yellow
Dandelion faces
Make me smile
I don’t think
They’re so terrible
Dandelions never gossip
Never do wrong
Stand strong
When difficulties
Come their way


Little girls and boys come out to play
Bring your dandelions to blow away
Dandelion don’t tell no lies
Dandelion will make you wise
Blow away dandelion

–The Rolling Stones–






Long ago
Love affairs
Thrills departed
Some, barely started
Rumpled, forlorn, forgotten
Behemoth, stone-age electronics
Temporary dog fence
No longer made sense
Things bought for five bucks
Supposed to work–never did
Clothes from the eighties
When girls had big hair, and
Were Clueless in Beverly Hills
My first guitar with broken strings
Propped up with the other things
Billy Bass, sass and crass
Pet rock, singing bird clock
Perhaps, I’m too sentimental
Inanimate objects can’t think or talk
Mood ring get in line–take a walk


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