This is the tale
Of an absurd
Weird sort of word
A word so long, that
When not written down
Was soon forgotten
It was such a jumble
Of  consonants and vowels
That, when read or spoken
Faces got red–dogs howled
With so many syllables
It sagged in the middle

It was the weirdest word
That anyone had ever heard
It was a hoogety-boogety
Hippity-dippity, mysterious
You can’t be serious
Moon walk, trash talk
Sewery, flowery
Dreamy, scary
Don’t look
Can’t turn away
Cuckoo clock bird
Crazy, kind of weird, word

Things weren’t right
because, the word
Was talked about
From morning to night
There was no doubt
It was the weirdest
Word in the world
Nothing got done
Nobody had
Any fun
And that
Wasn’t the way
Words were
Supposed to be

It was decided
The weird word
Was nobody’s
Fault, and
The word, was
Locked away
In a vault
The absurd
Weird word
Banned by
A worried
Word wary world
With little to say
About that
Hated day
The word came
Into the world
And stayed

Peace of mind
Was more
Than mere
Words of
That kind
And nobody
Cared to see
Hear or find
The word
Ever again
And that, was
The way, the
Weird word ended



I’m sixty-six and retired.  Writing keeps me balanced.  There are so many absurd things in this world that I can never hope to understand.  That’s why I hold to my core belief that there is a God above.  The concept of good and evil is real and is spoken of in many cultures–karma, yin and yang.  How else could all the bad things in this world be explained?  I don’t believe in organized/disorganized coincidences.

Some people spend too much time explaining away things they believe don’t exist.  Why would that be necessary?  Non-existent entities, don’t need to be believed in or not believed in.  All we have are our brains and five senses.  Certainly, not everybody has common sense.  I suspect there are a lot of secular humanists, and agnostics out there, that haven’t yet discovered who they really are.

For those searching for meaning–I commend you.  That’s the most important thing in life.  You’re doing something important and empowering instead of creating more misery and mayhem.  The world needs soldiers in a new peaceful “war” for positive change.  How many more people have to die for political expediency?

I will keep expressing my thoughts in positive ways.  There is a lot of life left to live.  There is much beauty, yet to see, in ordinary everyday things.  I hope you will join me and enjoy the ride.  Besides that, writing keeps me out of trouble.


sharing 2

Sharing is easy
With these few
Simple sharing rules

One share at a time
No less, no more
No over sharing
Nobody likes
Sharing overflowing

No sharing
Things, nobody
Knows anything about

No sharing
Boring things
Nobody cares about

Sharing is caring
No sharing about
Things too personal
Or too daring

No rib pokes
No stale jokes
No diatribes
No free rides

Sharing things
That don’t
Make sense
Is of no

To sharing fools
With sharing rules
Go your way, I’ll go mine
I haven’t got the time


christmas lights wkrg

Holiday music
Greeted ghosts
From Christmases past
Throngs of shoppers
Lost in glittery magic
Participated in madness
Pretended to be glad

Followed personal mantras
Displayed in brilliant flashes
Pitter-pattered with other
Happy hipsters, hucksters
Kings and queens of castles
Oldsters, wide-eyed youngsters

Shopper stalkers, sought
Transcendental perfection
In incidentals–ego boosters
Coffee roasters, pop-up toasters
Parents with children cringed
As they played among breakables
Unmentionables, unthinkables

Seasonal symbols
The stuff of stardust
Dreams and moonbeams
Reflections of themselves
Seen in the faces of others
The best time had–since
The same time last year

–Photo, Bellingrath Gardens, WKRG–

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